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Aaryajanani Trust Scholarship Online Test 2024 :

Important Dates:

Registration Close - 15 Feb 2024

Online Test - 25 Feb 2024

Result - 25 Feb 2024

Interview - 1- 5 March 2024

Prize Money:

Rs 50,000 ( Rank 1-10 )

Rs 40,000 ( Rank 11 -20 )

Rs 20,000 ( Rank 21-70 )

Rs 10,000 ( Rank 71-150 )

Who Can Apply:

Age : 18 - 30 Years

No Other Eligibly Criteria ( Everyone Can Apply)

Online Test Details:

Exam Type : Online MCQs Test

Number of Questions : 100 MCQs

Exam Duration : 1 Hrs (60 Minute)

No Negative Marking 

Exam Preparation Pdf: Link Below

Interview Details:

Location : Online 

Duration : 10 Minute Approx..

Sample Online Test Questions:

1. According to the text, what is the primary goal of mankind?

a) Pleasure and happiness

b) Wealth and possessions

c) Knowledge and understanding

d) Power and influence

2. What is the main argument about the role of suffering in character development?

a) Suffering is always detrimental to character growth.

b) Happiness and pleasure are more important for character formation.

c) Great characters often learn more from adversity than success.

d) Suffering has no significant impact on character development.

3. Swami Vivekananda states that all knowledge resides within the human mind. What is the analogy used to explain this concept?

a) A hidden treasure waiting to be discovered.

b) A seed waiting to be planted and cultivated.

c) A library containing infinite knowledge.

d) A fire waiting to be ignited by external stimuli.

4. What is the main function of Karma, as described in the book?

a) To punish individuals for their wrongdoings.

b) To reward individuals for their good deeds.

c) To bring about personal growth and evolution.

d) To maintain a cosmic balance of justice.

5. Swami Vivekananda distinguishes between different types of work based on motivation. Which work is considered the most valuable?

a) Work done for fame and recognition.

b) Work done out of duty or obligation.

c) Work done for material gain and possessions.

d) Work done selflessly with noble intentions.

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