Three Steps to Write Cover letter for Upwork Proposal to Getting Job

Increase your chances to getting a job on Upwork through writting cover letter 

Upwork proposal is to use a well-organized and professional writing style. 

Three important tips that can help:

1. Before writing the first paragraph, focus on why you are submitting the Upwork proposal. This can give you the opportunity to provide initial information about your proposal and make your main objective clear.

2. In your cover letter, talk about your skills, experience, and the projects you have worked on. This can promote your experience and skills, showing that you are prepared to make a significant contribution to the project.

3. Be sure to provide details about the time, budget, and other important information for your proposal. This can help make your proposal comprehensive and help the client better understand what you are proposing.

Free Sample Cover Letter to Your Proposal (Copy & Paste)

Hey, I would like to take the initiative to create the best-optimized thumbnail on how to categorize youtube videos. I will make sure this looks clean and clear which helps to get more clicks as well as views.

The process is very simple:

1.Send me the content "title and description", and I will create the first thumbnail with two different themes

2. Once Approved, I will continue and make the rest 9-10 thumbnails daily

I am attaching my previous work sample for you to review. Looking forward to your response.
Hans Raj

My Channel link:

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